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This option (1) simulates earthquake scenarions and (2) shows damages to specific buildings on the map and (3) calculates shelter, food and other requirements in the form of a report.

1. Simulating the earthquake scenarios

In order to simulate scenario earthquakes and its consequences, a separate program module has been developed for constructing macroseismic fields.
The task was solved by constructing isolines with given parameters in average soil conditions and at specific depth. Based on well-known Shebalin formula, an algorithm of earthquake intensity attenuation has been set up. The input parameters (magnitude, depth of earthquake focus and geographic coordinates of epicenter) are entered in dialogue window. After an epicenter is created on seismic-tectonic scheme of Armenia, an azimuth of closest tectonic structure to the epicenter must be selected. The azimuth of tectonic structure and B, C, E coefficients are selected through dialogue window. Rmax:Rmin relation is selected automatically depending on magnitude. For developing the algorithm, seismic-tectonic map of Armenia provided in CNRA-94 was used. It was supplemented by focuses of historical epicenters.
View screenshot.

2. Map of damages

The collapsed buildings are shown in grid. The outer contour of the grid show the debris around the building. The legend aslo allows tracking how much damage the earthquake has caused to each building, even if it didn't collapse. View screenshot.

3. Analysis Report

Finally, Yerevan-GIS reports of earthquake activities. The application calculates damages to buildings, number of people dead and wounded. It also specifies shelter requirements, requirements for food and other necessities. View screenshot.


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