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Risk Assessment and Disaster Management

Since start of the operations in 1992, Geocom has been specialized in development of methodology, algorithms and applications for assessment of technogenic and natural hazards

Management of Water Resources

Efficient use of water resources in the country is a key factor for sustainable development. Geocom has developed a number of customized GIS solutions, as well as a lightweight GIS for management of water resources in Armenia.


Geocom has been cooperating with the State Statistical Service of Armenia for spatially visualizing statistical data in Armenia.

Development of Digital Elevation Models

Digital Elevation Models represent the terrain of the earth and hence can be used for different purposes, such as analysis of morphometry, road construction, management of water resources, urban planning, flood assessment, etc.

Required Cadastral Mapping

Geocom has conducted a number works for required cadastral mapping from aerial imagery being implemented in Germany and the UK.


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