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GIS of Ore Deposits

A GIS for a known Gold-polymetallic deposit has been developed from historical geological and adit sampling maps that existed in geological fund for Marjan deposit. Existing paper maps were digitized into a single geodatabase, MS Access database was developed from reports and compiled into one ArcGIS project. Custom applications have beed developed to show drill-hole data and bore-pit/trench drawings from ArcGIS Project.

Environmental Assessment of Hrazdan River's Water Quality and Quantity in 15 Communities of Ararat Region

The primary aim of the project was to promote sustainable improvement of water quality and quantity of Hrazdan river through assessment of hazards located near Hrazdan river, land use and water use planning and implementation of active nature protection activities among population of the relevant communities. As a result, a number of ecological maps have been developed to show the envirionmental pressures on water and land resources in the area.

Web-based GIS of Armenian Tourism Development Agency

Based on latest web-based GIS ArcGIS-Server, it includes about 20 layers including historical monuments, points of interests, nature monuments, tourism-related activities, etc. Possibility to search for geographic objects, printing, routing and adding locations by web-users is also included.

GIS of State Water Cadastre (WaterSC-GIS)

GIS for State Water Cadastre has been developed for the Water Resources Management Agency of Ministry of Environmental Protection in 2005 and updated each year until 2010. The system provides GIS interface as well as input forms for data input from various sources.

GIS of Reservoirs located in Armenia (ArmRes)

A standalone GIS developed for Rescue Service of Armenia that shows map and detailed data about each reservoir. It also has search/query functions, as well as pictures for each reservoir.

GIS of Fresh Water Resources of Armenia (ArWater)

This GIS shows the locations and attribute data for the fresh water resources and ground water resources in Armenia.

GIS for Analysis and Visualization of Census data (Census-GIS)

Census-GIS has been developed for analysis and visualization of Census conducted in Armenia in 2001. GIS performs complex queries based on different attributes from the raw Census database.

GIS for Simulations of Strong Earthquakes in the City of Yerevan (GIS-Yerevan)

GIS-Yerevan simulates earthquakes and allows for tracking the influence of the earthquake on each building in the city of Yerevan. Then GIS shows the map of damaged buildings and calculates losses and requirements for relief operations.

GIS of Active Landslides in Armenia

This is a standalone GIS for management of data about active landslides located around the main highways of Armenia.


Geocom has ready data in different GIS formats for Armenia, which is available to interested organizations. Click on the link above to see what kind of data for Armenia Geocom is offering.


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